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Lights + Holga Camera + Action= DIY Wet Plate Photography with Ian Ruhter

12/18/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I think as photographers we get in a rhythm of playing by rules that were written by others. I feel this applies to life as well. To live by rules that were created by others we may never find out who we really are.

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This kid was so cool when I met him. we shot a plate a holga plate of Elisha. I knew we're going to shoot a giant plate of him and do a piece on him. Pretty much the coolest kid ever ( saids Ian )

I always find my self photographing my friend Thatcher . He is a super interesting cool guy ( saids Ian Ruhter)

Here is a list of resources if you would like to try this on your own.

Colodion workshops: Will Dunniway
ProFoto Lighting :
lomography Camera:
Wet plate Supplys: Bostick & Sullivan

More inspiration with Ian:
Instagram username : Ian Ruhter

More BTS videos about  Ian Ruhter and Wet Plate Photography  : HERE