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Photographer Irene Kung turns daytime shots into night

12/22/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Irene Kung, a Swiss photographer who lives in Milan turns daytime shots into night which produce haunting effects, who shows with Goedhuis Contemporary gallery in New York, and Valentina Bonomo Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy.

I am convinced the basic photographic techniques used are digital, but the result obtained carries glimmers and a glow from within objects and buildings which recalls a taste dating back to the dawn of photography, when the first mechanical images where placed on a silver slate. There is a quality of iridescence in the works of Irene Kung which is truly unique.- Paolo Aita

The results:

Cesar Pelli, 2012 
Norman Foster Building 'Gherkin', 2007
Mole Antonelliana, 2009
A shuttle ready to fly into space or...?
Goodnight Paris..

Hello NY! And let the Christmas shopping begin...
Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro 1, 20136 Milano
Tour Eiffel, 2010
Brooklyn Bridge, 2009
Church Le Corbusier, 2011
Ulivo, 2007
Ulivo pugliese, 2008
Quercia, 2011
Palma spiral, 2007

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