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Behind the scenes "The Battle For Kish Manor": Kung-Fu inspired photo shoot

2/02/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The battle for Kish Manor. A fight scene between Jay-Hawk and Mezgarth. Shot on-location (no composites) in Clarkston, MI.

The results via

Up Close and ... by Adam Sparkes (AdamSparkes)) on
Escape by Adam Sparkes (AdamSparkes)) on
I See You by Adam Sparkes (AdamSparkes)) on
First Contact by Adam Sparkes (AdamSparkes)) on
Mezgarth 2 by Adam Sparkes (AdamSparkes)) on
Jay-Hawk 2 by Adam Sparkes (AdamSparkes)) on
Mezgarth 1 by Adam Sparkes (AdamSparkes)) on
Jay-Hawk 1 :: Battle at Kish Manor by Adam Sparkes (AdamSparkes)) on
The Battle of Kish Manner 1 by Adam Sparkes (AdamSparkes)) on

My name is Adam Sparkes, and I work and live in the metro Detroit area. I specialize in location portrait, editorial and corporate photography.

 My clients range from Smart Business Magazine to Ernst & Young. I started with the whole camera thing a few years back when I started working as a journalist for The News-Herald in Southgate, MI.

Ever since, I've been looking for the story behind the people every time I lift the camera to my eye. I also run a successful private client photography boutique, specializing in Weddings and location portraits.

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