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“Soul Portraits” – Reflected in One’s Own Eye by Scott Holstein

2/07/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sure you remember to Scott Holstein and his behind the scenes “Rambabe” – One Woman Army (*)

Scott doesn't have a behind-the-scenes video for his latest personal project, which is a portrait of the subject reflected in their own eye (done in-camera).

 One day back in college, I realized I could see my reflection in my own pupil while looking into a mirror. I thought it might make a neat image so I enlisted fellow photographer Joel Fluty to endure some pretty strong off-camera flash blasts to the face. After sacrificing Joel’s vision, I determined that it was theoretically possible to photograph someone’s reflection inside their own eye, but it would not be easy to accomplish.

Read the original post with more information about how to do this  on  Scott Holstein´s blog:


Soul Portraits - Images by Scott Holstein

Thanks again Scott to share this technique with our readers