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Shooting hyperlapse films by Geoff Tompkinson "The man who controls time"

3/26/2013 Matt 0 Comments

Recently referred to as 'The man who controls time' by Inspiredology, Geoff Tompkinson is an award-winning photographer who constantly morphs his technique and style, embracing new technologies and advances in software. ( Read more )

Just packing for Austria - more work on my 'The Lake' video.
This is just the photographic kit - left the computer stuff out of the shot.
As one of only a handful of people shooting hyperlapse films, shorthand for large distance stop-motion time-lapse, he's pushed at the very limits of possibility. And with over thirty years dedicated to his craft, the results are astounding.

Hers the dolly rig in the lake to go with that series of clips.
But, what is ‘hyperlapse’ photography?
With hyperlapse, I’m moving the camera long distances during the sequence to offer a very different experience as we can journey around a place or through a building, as opposed to just seeing everything unfold all from one spot. ( Read more )

For many years now I have been fortunate enough to live for part of each year on the shore of Lake Hallstatt in Upper Austria.

This video is not about the town - but about the Lake itself.

Hallstatt, the town, is famous for its production of salt, dating back to prehistoric times. It is a very popular summer tourist destination - so popular with the Chinese that they have actually built a replica of the town in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

The whole area has Unesco World Heritage status.

Lake Hallstatt has been referred to as the "melancholic lake", the "still fjord" and the "vision of a perfect mountain lake". It is a classic relic of the Ice Age and it has a total area of 8.58 square KM lying between the steep Obertraun and Hallstatt mountains and Bad Goisern. It is the fifth largest of the Salzkammergut lakes.

Although this lake is one of the darker, colder, less inviting lakes of the region, as a photographer I decided to use this darkness and stillness as a device to reveal the true beauty of the lake through its mirror-like surface.

Thanks Geoff  for your email.

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