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Adventurer: How to use your father like model to be Indiana Jones and get a great image by Matthew Drozd

4/30/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Behind The Scenes of one of my favorite images, Adventurer.

Final image:

© Matthew Drozd
 Before and after:

© Matthew Drozd
I was surprised how much detail was in the shadows of that shot. Saids Matthew

About photographer:

Hi my name is Matthew Drozd and I live in London. I am passionate about photography ever since I shot a first frame with my camera. From that time I decided my life to it looking for my own personal style. In school I have learned how to work with image and how to express my vision through art. Right now photos I am taking have crisp, contrasty feel but I am continously trying to experiment with other photography and retouching techniques to achive more interesting shots.
Love photography. Love sport.

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