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Joey L and CreativeLive: Realistic Bilzzard Shoot Highlights

5/04/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Letting your imagination run wild in the studio is easier said than done. The studio walls are often too tall and strong for your creative vision to break through or leap over. Props and lighting techniques can help, but most every photographer will tell you it’s hard to recreate a nature scene when you aren’t... well, in nature. Lucky for us, Joey L. doesn’t necessarily agree.

Earlier this week, Joey L. blew us away with a realistic blizzard shoot inside our studio during his Commercial Portraiture course. Using simple lighting techniques and a handful of props, he created a fascinating frozen world in under an hour, all the while teaching a massive audience on the Internet how to recreate his magic. Take a look at this video clip below to see the results.

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NOTE:  I watched the 3 days and I only can said: Amazing!!
You can watch rebroadcast  free here