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Behind the Scenes "Hair Extravaganza" for Oprah Magazine's by Hugh Kretschmer

8/27/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

There are few opportunities in a photographer’s career where a large scale production and the editorial page come together. “Large” is the operative word here, and for O the Oprah Magazine, that word is prevalent throughout the September, ‘13 issue. Oprah herself got into the act, wearing an enormous wig on the cover, wishing her readers to “Have a Great Hair Day!” I was fortunate enough to be asked to lend a hand and collaborate with the magazine’s creative team, Deputy Photo Director, Christina Weber; Design Director, Kirby Rodriguez; and Photo Editor, Melanie Chambers, on the magazine’s inaugural, redesigned issue. The subject was HAIR, and there was lots of it.

But, if you are going to be talking about the nature of hair, it’s unruly characteristics, and the raw power it has to make or break it’s owner’s day, you might need a tamer of sorts- a lion tamer, to be precise. And, that is how we decided on a circus theme for the “Hair Extravaganza”, the issue’s 16 page, five image spread on “all things HAIR.”

And so, we set off on a collective journey over the next two weeks, dreaming and sketching, phoning and sharing, gathering and building, plotting and pushing to meet the looming deadline. On my side of the production, I had amazing support from an incredible army of tried-and-true talent with whom I could not have achieved what we were tasked to do. So, without further ado, I want to give a VERY special shout-out to my team, Fi Campbell, sets and props,; Gillean McLeod, costumes,; Ken Paves, hair styling,; and Stephanie Daniel, make-up,

Thank you, one and all!


Via Hugh Kretschmer