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NEW: Behind the scenes Popup Gulf Photo Plus London 2013

10/31/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

UPDATE: The behind the scenes video is online!!!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to London to attend, under my point of view, to the most important photographic event this year in Europe, POPUP GPP LONDON. 300 people from 30 countries gathered to enjoy with the most famous photographers today. Without doubt, GPP London has indeed been a huge success.

Photographer: Joost | A friend and ISO 1200 reader
I have been watching day after day behind the scenes videos for 3 years. Maybe I have watched all videos about David Hobby, Zack Arias, Greg Heisler or Joe McNally that you can found or buy on the Internet. For example, we have posted 66 videos only about Joe McNally, amazing.This was a great opportunity to meet them in person.


Gulf Photo Plus (GPP) is the heart of the Middle East’s photography community. Every year they organize an renowned photo fest that brings the world's top photographers and educators to Dubai.

When I found out they were preparing an event in London, we talked with Gulf Photo Plus and thanks to their amazing team and David Hobby we had the privilege to cover the first Gulf Photo Plus Workshop in Europe and to film a behind the scenes video.


First I have to said that the team behind GPP make me feel at home. The organization under my point of view was incredible, a combination of know-how and expertise. 10 over 10.

Photographer: Joost
Photographers from around the world talking and sharing experiences, making contacts, exchanging business cards, learning about photography. What more can you ask.

They had other great idea for Saturday night, relax and take a beer with new friends at the Horniman at Hay's . It was here where I meet a Dutch reader of ISO1200 Magazine. A lot of pictures of this post are him.  Thanks a lot. This is Joost´s porfolio

About photographers, they are like rock stars.  Everybody want to be near,  touch, talk, take pictures, show portfolios, get a signed book. The best, you can do it.


Credits: Joost
I am a great admirer of Joe McNally. He can shoot an incredible portrait with natural light or take a picture with 10 flashes of a secret airplane. The result is always the same, a great picture.

Maybe you are an experienced photographer or only an amateur, but I tell you that to see to Joe McNally in live is something that I can not explain with words.

Are you Nikon or Canon?

Joe controls every moment of the workshop, he knows to entertain and to teach in equal parts. If you have the opportunity you have to see him in action once in the life. I did it.


David has revolutionized the way we understand the photography with For me to discover his working methods allowed me to come upon a new way to express myself with light.

In this particular case, David did not talk about light. David explained the secrets that have led him to achieve success.

Both Joe and David agree that the key is hard work, spending many hours a day, loving what you do, even some times sacrificing family life. That´s the secret. No pain, no gain.

David is a people person and very communicative. We spend under my point of view, 3 incredible hours learning about other important part of this business, the creativity and how to achieve success.


During my first night in London, while I did some photos close to Millenium Bridge, another photographer approached me and I quickly asked me which lenses and camera I had. First question, "Are you professional?". The true is he wanted to show me his new toy, a Nikon D600 with a Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 lenses. He explained the incredible colors he got with his camera. I do not want to talk about the picture he showed me. I can only tell you that it was a lot of money squandered.

Credits: Joost

Zack demonstrated once again what matters is the photographer and not the equipment. I love DIY photography and thanks to Zack I had a good idea to create a good complement for a friend, but for now it's a little secret.

Thanks for your time last night Zack, I know you were tired after a long day and you had the patience to talk with me.


What can I said about Mr. Heisler, everybody was there to meet him, maybe the best portrait photographer in the world with  more than 70 Time Magazine covers.

The short time that I could be with him he gave me the feeling of a great person with a clever sense of humor, a great profesional who loves what he does.

Being able to hear their stories about how he has photographed several of the United States presidents, including anecdotes, is a great privilege.

About lighting, only one tip, buy a Strip Softbox and use continuous light to learn. Incredible what he got only with this light modifier. This was his main advice.

 Greg explained that he and his team can be a week preparing and experimenting with light before a portrait. The secret, hard work.


The Gulf Photo Plus Team and Fuji  had prepared a little surprise for me, dinner with them,  David, Zack, Greg and Joe. I can not believe yet. Yeah, they are human,  good friends,  great photographers and better teachers.

Thanks a lot GPP for an amazing weekend. Thanks Fuji Middle East for an incredible dinner. Thanks David to make possible to be there. Thanks Joost for inviting me to a beer and have a nice conversation.

Sure I will back next GPP in Europe ...or Dubai, to learn more about photography and to improve my portfolio.

A real pleasure to be there.


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