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#GIJENS: The Most Epic Self-Promotion Ever Made In The History Of Photography by Jens Lennartsson

11/22/2013 Matt 2 Comments

Our dear friend Jens Lennartsson has send us an exclusive news. A new exciting project, maybe the most epic Self-Promotion Ever Made In The History Of Photography. This is the story:

Since the first day as a professional photographer, I haven’t made any kind of physical send-out. All the amazing people I’ve had the chance to work with have come through word-of-mouth and persistent networking. But I do love new experiences, inspiring acquaintances and challenging opportunities. That is the main reason why I, a few months ago, received a shipment containing a 400-headed army of… me.

This is the story of why I and a few other really creative people created 400 action figures of myself and how it was done. And no, they are not 3D-printed, this is old-school:


Well, first of all: why the hell not!? Many photographers spend a lot of cash to design the perfect portfolio, print it and send to the people they want to work for. Just to have it disappear among hundreds of similar mailings. If you’ve ever been in touch with an art director, art buyer or owner of an ad agency, you’ll know that they have a zillion things to do and as many people to meet.

Unless you make an epic impression, you’ll be forgotten. I needed more than a paper folder to stand out. Besides showing my work, the marketing piece we were going to produce had to be something that:

  1. People would like to keep on their desk 
  2. The owner would like to show to others 
  3. In a second would present what Jens Lennartsson Photography is all about: raw and natural lifestyle and travel photography, without too much gear and photoshop. 

Read full story and how to do it :


Anonymous said...

That's what every boy wants, an action figure of himself! Pretty epic.

Here is another photographer's really cool self-promotion campaign: This guy encourages his fans to steal his work.

If i had an ARMY of actionfigures of myself, i wouldnt want to send them away :)