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How to shoot the locals by Ex-Major of the SAS Trevor Attenborough

11/13/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Obviously this video is a joke. But if you want to know more about Trevor, (Ex-) Major of the SAS and the US Special Forces, this is his biography :

Trevor Attenborough, aka "The German", was born somewhere in the outskirts of M√ľnich between 1976 and 1985 (hence the nickname "The German"). No other information regarding his arrival at this earth exists. After completing a basic level of education, Trevor was drafted directly into the UK Special Air Service due to his complete lack of elevational fear. Mr. Attenborough could from the very beginning leap out of a plane, an alien spaceship or whatever else airborne that was nearby. Very often his team-members would have to remind him to bring the parachute. Such commitment did he show to the service.

How to shoot the locals
 After several years serving in the SAS, Trevor took a brief spell of time off, which he spent in the US Special Forces, deploying voluntarily wherever they would send him. No pension or salary required, he was on holiday after all, and he was stationed for brief periods in every country of the world. Highlights including three weeks in Svalbard, and four days in the Manila Peninsula. Not to mention a covert mission in Belgium.

However, after surviving a forceful attack from an unknown enemy, Trevor decided that enough was enough and poured all his energy into his second most favourite passion, namely: Photography. His first passion being fearless, it was not a very hard transition to make.

In this small blog, Trevor shares his wisdom of the world, his aspects on photography, and just how to get everything correctly done. ( Text via )

This is the real man behind this video: