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ShadowCam S5: The world's first 5 axis camera stabilizer for DSLR and Pro series cameras

12/30/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is the Pre-Promotion video for the ShadowCam S-5 camera stabiliser.

The ShadowCam S-5 camera stabiliser is the world’s first ‘3-axis +2 planes’ hand-held camera stabiliser for DSLR and high-end pro series cinema cameras such as the Canon C-series, Red Epic and Black Magic that additionally dampens movement on the vertical and horizontal planes.

Part-assembly of carbon fibre elements with machined components for further testing.

This is achieved both electronically through the latest AlexMos hardware/software and silent brushless motors, and mechanically through the VH1, a compact two-way shock device unique to the S-5, which dampens approximately 180mm (7”) of travel when moved in a vertical and or horizontal direction, minimising the ‘bob and weave’ effect often caused by the operator running or walking. This additional dampening is just one of the features that sets it apart from other electronic stabilisers.

The ShadowCam S-5 ships UK from February 2014 and world-wide from March 2014 and will retail for £3995 + VAT (£4794 inc.VAT) 

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