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Behind The Scenes "I Left My Heart" SF Timelapse

1/27/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

The story of this cool Timelapse by permagrinfilms:
I was truly inspired by the song “I left my heart in San Francisco” by Tony Bennett. I already had a passion for time-lapse and of course, the beautiful landscape that is SF. Thinking on how to approach a new project I decided it was best to collaborate with Dredg, a band that I had grown up with and admired. Dredg was equally excited about the prospect of covering one of the best classic songs of our time and morphing it into something artistic and new.

We primarily used the Canon 5D Mark III, which has served as an amazing product for our projects. To capture unique movement within our shots we used Dynamic Perception’s “Stage 0” and the “Stage 1” accompanied with Emotimo’s “TB3 Black” Pan & Tilt System. With the backing of these two companies we were able to successfully capture our vision within each composition.
And of course, what is a project from PermaGrin Films without using our GoPro armada. As we ran around the streets of San Francisco “guerrilla style,” GoPro’s served as an excellent behind-the-scenes tool to show off our techniques.
The final Timelapse:

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Download Song Free Here -
Directed, Filmed & Edited - Marc Donahue

Roth Rind - Producer -
Bryce Grimm - Assistant Camera Operator
Shiseido Ruiz - Associate Producer/Location Manager
Michael Shainblum - Additional Timelapses

Music: Dredg -
Track: "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" (Tony Bennett cover)
Download Free Here -

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