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What if my friends were famous ? A personal project by Ludovic ISMAEL

3/06/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

It’s the question I have asked my friends. Can they imagine themselves on a billboard in the street or on a cover of a magazine.

When people were younger, having the desire to be famous was kind of a dream. It was positive. A lot of people still would love to be famous, leaded by a society with appearance and illusion while others would prefer to be anonymous.

Photographs by Ludovic ISMAEL & used with permission
Today, everyone has their own interpretation of being « famous », a word that doesn't really mean anything anymore.

My friends, who are anonymous, accepted to play the game of self-representation, through a portrait.

Do we show would we would like to be, or what we really are? During the project, I’ve realized how difficult and surprising it was, between imagination and reality.

I had the great privilege to discover and explore so many different worlds, fantasies and moods.

The last step of the project was to unveiled some portraits directly in the street, and see peoples reactions.

Thanks for sharing Ludovic

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