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Making of "Night Light Skiing" with massive LED-light Black Armored Drone (BAD).

4/09/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Behind the Scenes of the shoot with RC LED-light helicopter i Åre, Sweden. Showcasing the work in the background getting the shots needed.

Camera: Marcus Ahlström

The company behind BAD (Black Armored Drone)

Intuitive Aerial is offering an airborne camera carrier that makes the modern movie director’s dream come true, realizing unreachable camera paths and action scenes without technological limitations, within an industry of eternal demand for innovation and technical breakthrough, taking content to the next level.



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Lisa Elfers said...

Led Light We got a couple of these to add to our band's stage lights. We use them more like accent lights. They're small and really affordable. We like them.