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BlackMagic CC vs PC4k: Which camera produces a more detailed image at 1080p?

5/17/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

A comparison of how well details are rendered by the Blackmagic Cinema Camera vs Blackmagic Production Camera - and 4k vs 2.4k vs. HD. Which camera produces a more detailed image at 1080p?

If you create an image of a human face at actual size, in both HD and 4k, the level of detail between the shots will be identical.

Canon 50mm f1.4 lens shot at f4
400ASA | 4500k | 25fps

Cameras: BMCC vs BMPC4k
Sensor Sizes: Micro Four Thirds vs Super 35
Resolution: 1080p vs 2.4k vs 4k
Camera distance from subject relative to resolution: in order be able to make a 1:1 comparison, we need to alter the camera distance so the subject is the same size and we end up with the same composition. Since 4k (UHD, actually) is twice the size of 1080p, we shoot from twice as far away.

4k will be more detailed than everything else because it's higher resolution. The picture is bigger.
2.4k will be less detailed, but better than HD.
The Production camera will probably create more detailed images than the Cinema camera because it has a larger sensor, and because it's 4k - double the dimensions of HD and 4 times the area.

Read the final conclusion and more tips to use 4k on:

Text and video via Brad Bell


John howard said...

The difference is very hard to tell. I think the 4k has a little more shadow detail.

Unknown said...

You completely miss the point and need to go back to film school... er... go to film school.