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The extraordinary Underwater World created by Kim Keever in a 200-gallon water tank

5/19/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

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Kim Keever is not a painter and either a photographer. It is an atypical artist who mixes these fires moyends expression to create a singular art, composed of abstract creations.

All Imges © Kim Keever
« Kim Keever's painterly, panoramic photographs represent the evolution of landscape painting embodied by the Hudson River School, Luminism, and Romanticism. Artificially contrived by the artist, Keever meticulously constructs his dioramas in a 200-gallon water tank and then submerges them in water. Working quickly to capture the diffusion of pigments with a large-format camera, he makes photographic glimpses into a world that is both familiar and fantastic, awash in unnatural colors. “ - Art space
Kim Keever is represented by Art 3 Gallery in Brooklyn NYC:

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Text and video via  | Editor Evelyne Jousset