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Could Lauri Laukkanen be the next european version of Joey L.? Making of Amelié Drozzin

6/02/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

The story behind how Joey L. began to be the photographer you know today it was "step by step", personal projects alternated with commercial projects. This is the idea of our friend Lauri Laukkanen from Finland. Sure you remember his tutorials on



Lauri explains this project:
A week ago, I got the feeling that I should go out and create a personal project. It's been a while since I last had time to shoot just for myself, and this fact had actually even reflected a bit in my commercial projects. So, I knew I'd have a free day two days later, and decided to try and gather a team of people around me and head out to Yyteri, Pori to shoot a few photos that I had in mind.

Read more about the shoot, and see the finished photos here:


Anonymous said...

Not being a naysayer or so, but just there are plenty other photographers who could be "the next". Joey has something good for him, but not everyone should strive for his footsteps.