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DigitaRev are offering David Hobby´s Buzz Lightyear Camera: Swap cameras with them!

6/11/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Roll up! Roll up! Are you bored of one of your cameras? Do you fancy owning one of our cameras? DigitalRev are kicking-off Camera Swap by offering one of their prized cameras up for swaps - the Buzz Lightyear camera from the Strobist shoot - with their followers.

Kai explains:

We will review the camera that we receive and then offer it up for swaps. And we will keep doing a Camera Swap to see what we can get.

If you want the Buzz Lightyear camera and have a camera up that you want to swap  please go post a photo on one of the following social media pages of Digital Rev with hashtag  :

1. Facebook:
2. Twitter:

Text and videos via DigitalRev TV

Camaras via Twitter people want to swap: