Super Geeky and Effective Trick to Replicating a Photo's Light with a Christmas Ball

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Felix Kunze (website)  and Sue Bryce (website)  teach a trick for capturing the light in one setting to replicate in another.

In the CreativeLive course, The Lighting Challenge, Felix Kunze replicates natural light photo shoots using studio lights. In this clip he shares his trick for precisely evaluating light sources and reflections so he can duplicate them later with a black Christmas Ball.

Text and video via CreativeLive


Kevin Patrick Robbins said...

I just put my snoot on a light stand.

James W. Johnson said...

I want to see his re-creation. Is there more to this video?

ISO 1200 Magazine said...

Hi James. You can buy the full curse:


Tom said...

This is not geeky at all, in fact, it is widely used in GCI for Image Based Lighting to realistically light the scene.