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Magnum Photographer David Alan Harvey in the streets of Korea with the Fuji X100

8/14/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Magnum Photos member David Alan Harvey has always strived to approach his subjects as closely as possible to show the depth of their lives. Although nearing seventy, the energetic photographer has come to Incheon, the gateway to Korea where the past and present co-exist.

David travels through time as he visits Chinatown, a community of Chinese settlers who first entered Korea through the sea port of Incheon some 130 years ago, and Baedari Village where the past is still cherished and preserved.

He stops by some of Incheon's must-see tourist spots. The historical site of Incheon Landing, a military operation that turned the tide of the Korean War to South Korea's favor, has now become a favorite tourist destination for both locals and foreigners, and Sinpo International Market welcomes people from all over the world with a variety of curious sights and tempting eats.

David gets a glimpse of the future of Incheon and Korea at the Incheon International Airport, named the world's best for eight consecutive years, and in Songdo International Business District, which will host the 2014 Asian Games and proudly features imposing skyscrapers, a stunning cityscape, and the latest technologies.

Text and video via  ARIRANG | ( via )