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Process of making "motion posters" with top-notch photographer LEE Jun-ho

9/23/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

LEE Jun-ho, a top-notch photographer who introduced "motion posters"

In every field, there are innovators and visionaries, who push beyond boundaries to transform the world. And in the world of photography in Korea, that person is LEE Jun-ho. As a free-spirited photographer, who knows no bounds, he has experimented with various genres and technologies to always bring something new to the table.

As one of the top poster photographers, LEE Jun-ho has worked on more than 400 films including "Old Boy," "Secret Sunshine" and "The King and the Clown" since 2003. But it was actually a photo of the soccer player AHN Jung-hwan he took for an ad in 2002 that led to his overnight fame and to his debut as a photographer in the film industry.

The experimental photographer embarked on a special project in 2009 to create what′s called a "motion poster," where the people and the landscape move, unlike the conventional still-image movie posters. Then, finally, the result of his hard work finally received the spotlight with the motion posters for the movie, "Sea Fog," garnering much praise in the recent months. For the motion posters, he analyzed the facial expressions of the main cast members to capture the distinct characteristics of their roles and used the filming equipment employed on actual filming sets instead of digital cameras. Through these processes, he brought forth film posters conveying the vivid stories of each of the characters of the movie.

LEE Jun-ho began pursuing his dream in 1991 by going to the U.S. to major in Advertising Photography at the Academy of Art University. Then, in 1999, he finally returned to Korea for good, and signed an exclusive contract with the fashion magazine, Harper′s Bazaar, which was a first for a photographer. Since then, he has been working in various fields including fashion photography, advertising, movie and drama poster production and more, and he established an agency 10 years ago to provide a better learning and working environment for the junior photographers.

Text and video via ARIRANG CULTURE

Note: Watch the full interview ( 45 minutes) here