On Location with Sandra Åberg: On a Faraway Beach with the Profoto B1 and an Umbrella Deep

10/06/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Six new umbrellas have been added to the growing family of Profoto umbrellas. The new umbrellas are unique in that they are small and lightweight yet deep and parabolically shaped.

Profoto umbrellas are now available in no less that 18 models, four sizes, three fabrics and two shapes. See them all at profoto.com/umbrellas

Photographer Sandra Åberg brought three versions of the Umbrella Deep M with her – a silver version, a white one and a translucent one.

She also a brought the Profoto B1 Location Kit with her, including two B1 off- camera flashes, two batteries, one Fast Charger and one Car Charger. Learn more about the B1 at profoto.com/b1

Image © Sandra Åberg
 See more of Sandras beautiful work at sandraaberg.com

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