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Making of ZEISS Art Calendar 2015 with Douglas Kirkland

11/28/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The world of grand opera provides the setting for the story told in the 2015 ZEISS Art Calendar. Renowned photographer Douglas Kirkland chose Salzburg as his backdrop to place international stars Cecilia Bartoli and Rolando Villazón in the limelight as a couple.

Douglas Kirkland's work has been documented in international exhibitions and book projects. This artist and Toronto native has received numerous awards for his work.

 Interview with Douglas Kirkland

Kirkland has an eye for special moments. Capturing unforgettable shots, he has worked on over 100 movie productions, including the internationally acclaimed hits 2001 A Space Odyssey, Out of Africa and Titanic. 

As well as the 12 pictures of the month, the 2015 ZEISS Art Calendar contains information on the history of its creation and the stars which lend the calendar its special character. The calendar can be obtained as an exclusive gift for our customers and partners at a price of 30 euros plus shipping costs. This fee will be charged to the respective cost center.

Text, images and videos via Carl Zeiss Lenses