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8 Travel Photography Hacks for More Budget and Versatile Photography Gear by Brendan van Son

12/28/2014 Matt 0 Comments

As a travel photographer, quite often you have to find ways to save both space and money. Thus, we have to make use of a bunch of travel photography hacks. These photography hacks sometimes hurt us, or are at the very least a minor compromise. However, they allow us to shoot more different scenarios and situations than without them without spending a fortune or requiring a lot of extra space in our travel gear.

These travel photography hacks that Brendan van Son has listed in this video include things like the EyeFi Cards, TriggerTrap, 2x Extenders, and many other things. Of course, just because the item isn't listed in this video doesn't mean that it's not a useful photography hack. In fact, there are far more than the obvious 8 hacks that he has shown you in this video.

Since this is such a popular thing, Brendan are actually going to be starting a new playlist here called "Travel Photography Hacks" and in that playlist he'll be adding some reviews of the gear you see in this video as well as some on location stuff where he puts that specific photography hack into action.

I'll do things like take the 2x extender out into the field and see if I can get sharp enough images with it, I'll show you how to use macro tubes, and I'll play around with some welding glass.
Anyways, I'd love to hear from you as well. What's your favourite travel photography hack. Let me know in the comments, I'll see if I can give it a shot for you. - explains Brendan-

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Text and video via Brendan van Son