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Instagram - The Future of Editorial by Pamela Chen

12/28/2014 Matt 0 Comments

Pamela Chen (website) presents Instagram’s curatorial approach of aggregating audience around existing content at Magnum Foundation’s 2014 PhotoEx symposium.

“Instagram is where everyone is,” said Pamela Chen, Instagram’s editorial director. “The question is, how can we get them to connect with each other?” The @instagram account acts as a curated feed that gives its 61 million followers a chance to be exposed to new projects and innovative work that’s being produced that they may not have found otherwise. By featuring individual photographers and projects daily, it drives traffic back to the photographers’ own feed, effectively supporting new work and helping individuals grow their network among a vast and varied audience.

Pamela Chen is Editorial Director for Instagram. Previously, she was a Senior Photo Editor for National Geographic Magazine, where she collaborated with photographers to create long-form documentary projects across multiple publishing platforms. From 2008-2012, she oversaw photography and multimedia production for the Open Society Foundations as part of the team developing the foundation’s visual communications strategy in tackling complex human rights issues around the word.

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Text, images and video via Magnum Foundation