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Newborn Photography Tutorial: Side Stretch Hands Together Pose by Stephanie Cotta

12/30/2014 Matt 0 Comments

Watch "Side Stretch Hands Together Pose" video by Stephanie Cotta from the Ultimate Guide To Newborn Photography, Posing & Retouching from

© Stephanie Cotta
Stephanie Cotta (website)  is an award-winning newborn and family photographer based in St. Louis, Missouri. Stephanie has proven to be one of the most successful and sought after photographers and educators in the industry.

© Stephanie Cotta
Maybe Stephanie has created  the most comprehensive tutorial for natural light newborn photography in the world. This tutorial and other educational tools for photographers are available for purchase through Stephanie’s blog.

Visit her blog or facebook, sometimes she has codes to save $100 to $150 OFF

Text and video via | Stephanie Cotta (blog | Facebook )