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Only Drones? BuggyCam Vs Pedal Progression Vs Peregrine

12/16/2014 Matt 0 Comments

Rob Drewett  and Andy Nancollis took BuggyCam out for literary 2 hours to film some shots of Sam from and here is what we came up with.

BuggyCam is an almost limitless mobile camera platform. Available now on a wet hire basis, the all terrain, highly tunable remotely controlled chassis can take the highest quality camera equipment and put it in to otherwise inaccessible places, whilst adding a layer of motion not seen or used before to this degree.

BuggyCam Vs Peregrine

The buggy itself has been developed by Motion Impossible. A 2 man team consisting of Rob Drewett (an experienced BBC wildlife cameraman) and Andy Nancollis (Buggy racer and design engineer).

It’s based on a race proven 1/5th scale 4wd remote controlled vehicle chassis, and further developed to integrate our unique V-CON camera mount system. Together with our Freefly Movi M15 it can carry and stabilise a payload of up to 10kg allowing for some of the best video cameras and lenses to be mounted and controlled on it.

  • 4wd Transmission
  • Tunable offroad chassis
  • 15lb/6.8kg payload (based on Freefly Movi M15 limit)
  • Suggested camera’s: RED Epic Dragon, Phantom Miro, Alexa M, Sony F5/55 & Black Magic
  • Adjustable V-CON stabilising mounting system
  • Max speed tuned to suit high (upto 40mph+) or low speed operation.
  • Quiet Alien Power System electric powered (brushless) drive system
  • High capacity Lithium battery technology for long run times
  • Range 1200ft/350m approx
  • Wheelbase 610mm
  • Track width 510mm
  • Wheel diameter 190mm

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