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This is a story about young photographer Jan Pirnat to motivate and inspire people.

1/06/2015 Matt 0 Comments

" I am opening a new page in the book of my life. I have been working on this project for half a year with some of my friends. This project is extremely important to me, because I am revealing some things about me that not many people know. I want people to notice what a PRICELESS gift it is to be healthy. And also, I want everyone who's suffering from any kind of disease to know that, above all else, you have to do what you love - that's what will give you the strength to fight. WHAT KEEPS US GOING MAY STAND AS A REMINDER FOR WHAT WE CAN LOSE." With love, Jan.

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Filmed & Edited by: Klemen Humar

Music Composed & Sound Design by: Peter Dimnik

Special Thanks To:
Katra Petriček, Rok Tržan, Kaja Logar, Jure Pezdirc, Jani Fučka, Tadej Gašparič, Anej Ivanuša, Gašper Šinkovec, Boštjan Božič, Bright Visuals, Toni Stanovnik, Romina Ivančič, Andraž Fijavž Bačovnik
And a big thanks go to all the doctors who helped Jan through his life.



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