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A DIY 3 Axis Gimble Support Backpack for $90

2/05/2015 Matt 2 Comments

Coriolis-Visuals are behind this DIY Dji Ronin Camera Support Backpack Stabilizer and they explain more about this project on the comments of their account on Vimeo:

Well to be honest the only reason I made this Gimble Support Backpack was the fact that Emm had first made a concept versionthat I thought could be made a little better with materials easily available online and or a local hardware store,
The thought of making something this simple and trying to profit from it makes me cringe.
But that's not to say that some people are not heading in the right direction...
Both of which are worth the money, although still pricy...They are both worthy of mention.
I hope we see the prices come down on these kind of camera supports since making a DIY version is easy & cost effective.

Text, images and video via Coriolis-Visuals


Unknown said...

This is awesome! Where can you get the Fiberglass Rods?

Matt said...

Hi Scott.

Thanks for your comment.

Here you have other version about his project that could help you.