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Blind Photographer Bhavesh Patel shoots Bollywood movie star Katrina Kaif for LUX campaign

2/20/2015 Matt 2 Comments

Bhavesh Patel talks about his incredible experience working with beautiful Bollywood movie star Katrina Kaif, and the magic they created together.

As all women know, there’s more to beauty than meets the eye.

Bhavesh Patel is part of Blind With Camera project 

Text, video and images via LUX Arabia


Anonymous said...

Matt, I just stumbled onto your site. I've been searching for a place that just posts BTS videos (like Fstoppers used to), and it's everything I've been looking for. Thank you for hooking us up! :)

Matt said...

Hi friend.

We search our behind the scenes videos. We have our system to found new videos every day.

If you want I watch a video send me an email to iso1200magazine[@] or via twitter or facebook.

It will be a pleasure to watch it