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The Many uses of White Seamless (Part II) by Zack Arias

2/26/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Here is the second part of lighting a white seamless. In part one Zack covered the basics in terms of gear and space and demonstrated how this all works with video lights. For part two he covers doing this same thing with strobes and then go into some post production tips and tricks in Photoshop.

PS - Apologies for the video artifacts. When OS 10.9.3 came out it broke something in OpenCL between my video cards and Premiere. It's a well documented issues that hopefully someone is going to fix really damn soon. -said Zack-

As with all of his YouTube videos, there is a blog post associated with it with more information, links, etc. That's also where Zack Arias spends the most time answering questions, comments, and concerns. Find this blog post

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