13 Mind-Bending Thoughts About Photography by Matthew Rycroft

3/30/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

These revelations about photography may make your brain explode.


Created by Matthew Rycroft: matthewrycroft.com
Twitter: twitter.com/matthewrycroft
Instagram: instagram.com/matthewrycroft

Major kudos to Reddit. The ‘thoughts’ in this video were inspired by Reddit's shower thoughts. (www.reddit.com/r/showerthoughts)
The video footage is all public domain from Pond5. (www.pond5.com/free)
The voiceover is from Fiverr. (www.fiverr.com)
The subtitles are inspired by the Spritz speed-reading app.(www.spritzinc.com)

Thanks for sharing Matthew. Congratulations for your project!