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Project Senium: The most beautifully disturbing places in the world in a cinematic short film

5/16/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Join Project Senium and for an unprecedented cinematic view into these forgotten places before they are all destroyed.

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By bringing tools and experience from the realm of filmmaking, we show you the decaying walls of abandoned mental hospitals, expose their dark history, and preserve forever the beauty that few get to witness. 

In the form of a six-to-nine minute short film we try to cover the importance of remembering the history of these places, speak briefly to the now popular activity of urban exploration, and capture the quickly deteriorating buildings in a way that has not been seen before.

Una foto publicada por Project Senium (@projectsenium) el

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Deacon Blues said...

Well. I really liked the video until the moment when they showed a graffiti "artist" doing his thing on the roof. That kind of defacement of abandoned buildings is no better than any other form of vandalism. For shame.