a7R II Review: vs 5DS-R, D810, GH4, a7 II & a7S

8/10/2015 ISO1200 MAGAZINE 0 Comments

Tony & Chelsea review the new Sony a7R II (http://sdp.io/a7rii) and its 4k video against the GH4 (http://sdp.io/gh4) and a7S (http://sdp.io/a7s) with an Atomos Shogun (http://sdp.io/shogun). We compare the a7R II's 42-megapixel sensor against the Canon 5DS-R (http://sdp.io/5dsr) and Nikon D810 (http://sdp.io/d810).

They also test the improved autofocusing to see if it can match similarly priced DSLRs, using both native Sony lenses and Canon lenses adapted with the Metabones IV (http://sdp.io/mb4).

Text and video via Tony Northrup