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Backpack Journalism with Tyler Hicks:How the technology has revolutionized the craft of journalism

10/04/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

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In this video, independent journalist and documentary filmmaker Bill Gentile (website) shows us Tyler Hicks ´workflow  in 2008. The New York Times staff photographer Tyler Hicks (website) won the Pulitzer in 2014

While embedded with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (24thMEU) in Afghanistan in 2008, I made a brief video of New York Times Photojournalist Tyler Hicks as he prepared and then transmitted images from one of the most unforgiving locales on earth to the Times photo desk in New York.

At the time I met Tyler, I was working on a piece in Afghanistan's Helmand River Valley, along the border with Pakistan, for NOW on PBS. (Titled, "Afghanistan: The Forgotten War," the piece was nominated for a national Emmy Award.)

I think the video of Tyler illustrates the technology that has revolutionized the craft of visual journalism. More importantly, it gives viewers a sense of how professional, articulate and dedicated some of the practitioners of our craft can be.

Tyler Hicks is an extraordinarily talented photojournalist and a role model for all who want to devote themselves to the craft. -said Bill Gentile-
Very interesting documentary.

Text and video via Backpack Journalist

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