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Behind the curtains of photo-shooting of Meduse: Unique shisha pipes not of this world

12/28/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Thanks to the unique design, huge amount of hand work and precise work focusing on the smallest of details Meduse shisha pipes belong to the absolute top class to be found and smoked from in whole shisha world.

Take a peak behind the curtains of photo-shooting of their amazing new image photos Meduse posted earlier on.

Curious how we made it happen and what it takes?

Who needs a smoke machine?
In a nutshell : It's talent, ingenuity, hard work and ‪phaseone‬. And air planes. Don't forget the air planes!

This is how it's done! Want to see the whole picture? Visit their website or Facebook and stay tuned for more!


Photographer: KIVA PHOTO | Video by Michal Hluchy

Text, images and video via Meduse - official channel | All images here

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