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Buy the Orbis Ring Flash Adapter now or never

12/10/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

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I got an Orbis a few years ago, and it is that kind of light modifiers that you always has inside your bag. It is compact and light.  And it has a lot of different uses, main light, fill light, not only a Ring Light.

Today I read on the bad news about the manufactured company behind this project, Enlight photo. They closed.

We had a good relationship with the team of Enlight photo and to read that, makes me feel sad cause if someone closes it is always a bad news for this industry.

I used the Orbis Ring Flash for my personal project about pilgrims (500px) this year and results were amazing.

Get one now or never for an incredible price.

David Hobby ( wrote today about it on his blog.

They sold over the last seven years for $200, rarely if ever discounted. But the remaining units are being closed out for $129 (w/free shipping in US.) Or you can get it with the hands-free arm for $139 (+$7.40 shipping in US.)
This is a great deal. Because not only will it work on nearly any speedlight (but not bigass Vivitar 285s, sorry) it is built to last you likely for the rest of your shooting life.
Which is a good thing, because you're not gonna be able to replace it.

Amazon: Orbis Closeout: $129, free ship US
Amazon: Orbis Ring Flash Adapter w/Arm: $139 + $7.40 ship US

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