Master Any Lighting Setup With The Help Of set.a.light 3D

Breaking The Sync Speed For ANY Studio Lights!

1/22/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 6 Comments

In this episode, Beyond Photography will show how you can use ANY BRAND of studio light and still shoot with very low F numbers, getting very blurry background while using extremely high shutter speeds like 1/4000 secs or 1/8000 secs!! 

With this trick, you are no longer a 'slave' to Nikon's expensive flashes & its highly proprietary CLS (pun intended).

Text and video via Beyond Photography

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Thiago said...

I'm quite skeptical... I will test it and post here if it really works...

Thiago, I have used this technique before and works!!!

RexGRP said...

Will this work with Canon 5D MK lll, Canon 580 EX speed light flash, and Paul C Buff Einstein monolight ?

Thiagones said...

Oh my.... just tested.. It really works... Also, I can add... the "transmitter" flash can be at the lowest settings... there is no problem on that.

Dominik said...

Works just fine! Awesome!

RexGRP said...

The concept sounds great but I don't have those setting options on my 5D MK lll and 580 EX speed light.
So does it only work with certain models ?