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How to create Water Illusions by Shanks FX and PBS Digital Studios

2/29/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Water Illusions can happen when you film fast movement with the right type of camera.To the naked eye this looks like something of a blur.But with a fast enough shutter speed a camera can make objects appear like they are frozen in time.

These illusions happen when an image moves too fast for a camera to detect.This is known as Temporal Aliasing / the Wagon Wheel effect.

Materials needed:

  1. Speaker
  2. Tone Generator (to create vibration for your speaker)
  3. Running Water
  4. Flexible Hose (Pocket Hose purchased for $20 at local store)
  5. Camera that can record at 24 frames a second

How this works...

A 24 hz bass tone is sent through a speaker making the water vibrate 24 times a second. In a circular motion.

With a fast enough shutter, the camera captures the same image frame after frame.

Creating the illusion of water that is frozen in time.

Episode inspired by amazing water illusion video by BRUSSPUP
Text and video via Shanks FX

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