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A Wicked Ride by Thomas Morel: Freezing the Action

3/07/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this video Thomas Morel’s unique vision is brought to life using Hasselblad and DJI professional imaging products.

While @hasselblad_official and @djiglobal are posting short sequences of our collaboration to show the best of two worlds, I want to show you some of my final photo's taken as part of this #synergy project. I created a story of a kayaker rocketing down the mountain slopes in Norway, and ending up in a river and finally the fjords. I had planned 3 situations where I wanted to shoot the kayaker in three different locations; the first one when he shoots through a cloud of powder snow, the second one in the river shot from above water, and the last one when he drops down a waterfall, shot from under the surface. This particular shot is shot earlier then all the other material, simply because it wouldn't have been safe to go down a massive waterfall with so much solid ice on the bottom of the river. It is shot earlier for @sogndallodge, the model is Tom Lund, and I later implemented it in the project I did just now, together with DJI and Hasselblad. Read the full story on and @kayakvoss @myrkdalen @visitsognefjord @visitnorway #underwater @goretexhuntfishgear #underwaterphotography #createtoinspire #kayak #whitewater #whitewaterkayaking #hasselblad #nauticam
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"I am often confronted with comments like “It’s not hard to do a good shot with such great gear”. This is something that makes me a little sad, do some people really think that it’s the gear that makes the shot? On the other hand; yes, I am depending on gear that works, gear that enables me to realize my vision without compromise.

When I’m on set, I really don’t spend a thought on the gear that I bring with me. That’s what I did when I invested in the material that I need to work the way I do. From the moment of investment and onward, I only think about the creative process needed toward end results that I can be proud of. The gear just is there, as if it is a part of me that is essential to do what I do.

I have always shot my work with Hasselblad and broncolor, because for me, this is a combination of gear that is just meant to be. For this project, I was also asked to push the limits of DJI’s drone technology, which I had never worked with before. I quickly found out that also this piece of technology is something that captures and offers an amazing point of view when used right. - said Thomas Morel -

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Text, images and video via Hasselblad and broncolor

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