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Introduction to Storyboarding

3/25/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Storyboarding is all about clear communication of your vision. Storyboards can help you construct your film, plan your shots and your edit, and visually communicate what you want to the rest of your team.

Kevin Senzaki, confirmed sound wizard and also storyboard artist for VGHS and other RocketJump projects, covers the basics of what storyboards are used for and why. He also covers who typically creates them, what formats they come in, and the different styles and elements that are most often used to create clear and informative boards. 

If you are totally averse to drawing of any kind, you're in luck-- Kevin also shows you some alternatives to storyboards that can help you achieve the same goals in planning out your film.

Written by Kevin Senzaki
Edited by Joey Scoma
Assistant Edited by Sean Przano

Text, images and video via RocketJump Film School | Website 

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