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Is the Sony A6300 the worst camera in the world? ...The April Fool´s Day Edition

3/31/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

After reading so many "interesting" comments at camera review sites, I figured I'd do a review that touched on things that REALLY seem to matter to some folks. Hope you find it useful! If this review is more puzzling than funny -- it's satire. Humor.

Yes. I wish for a camera that had everything, fit into my pocket, came with a fast kit lens, and cost $5. But till then, we'll have to use different cameras for different things. In all honesty, I really do like the A6300 so far. And I'd be thrilled if Canon released one like it too! - said Erik Stenbakken-
Thanks for you message and your great sense of humor Erik ;D. Sure Sony A6300 is a great camera.

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