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LightPainting: Bringing light to life by Kim Henry & Eric Paré | TEDxMontreal

3/30/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Explore a world of contrasts between confined dark space and vast emptiness. Eric Paré and Kim Henry invite you to discover the art that has become the journey of their lives.

This artistic talk is based on their project “Little Circle” which has created breathtaking visuals from around the world where landscapes blend into hypnotic and delicate dance movements. Immerse yourself in their journey, expressed in this captivating performance of light and shadow.

Music by Eric Paré, François Jolin et Juliette Badbarn. Recorded at Eon Sounds Studio.
Eric Paré is a visual artist performing light-painting around the world since 2012. His work has been seen on CNN, MTV and on 400 publications worldwide. His most recent project “Little Circle” took him to Australia, Mongolia, Morocco, Iceland, Bolivia and Mexico. It will be presented as a dance film, a documentary and a live show. When in Montreal, he creates 360-degree pictures in his studio using a synchronized camera array.

Behind the scenes pictures

Pictures taken during the rehearsal, sound track recording (yes, Eric used the tube as a musical instrument).

This happened right before our performance. The countdown you see top/right is the time left before Kim and I jumped on stage. How cool that we did light-tube right after a music-tube session. At 1:25 on that video, my heart stopped beating ;) Thanks Samajam. *Update: this video seems to be visible only from Canada. - Said Eric-

Text and video via TEDx Talks

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