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Mermaids Photoshoot in the Canyon & How to Create Fake Water

3/29/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Made some mermaid costumes and took them to the Oneonta Gorge near Multnomah Falls outside Portland for one of their most epic photoshoots yet!

Their camera gear was as follows:

-Canon 5D Mark III
-Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8
-Pentax 50mm f/2.0
-5-in-1 reflector

How to Create Fake Water & Add Liquid Texture to Photos

In this tutorial, we take an image that has no water, and add false pools of water that look believable (including reflection and warping). These water pools are a combination of Photoshop brush painting, textures from our Etsy shop, and light overlays. -said Temperate Sage -

Tools she used for this video:

Added Light Textures (purchase here:
Image: Adjustments: Brightness and Contrast
Image: Adjustments: Hue and Saturation
Layers Window: Blend Modes
Layer Masks
Tool Bar: Color Palette
Tool Bar: Brush
Filter: Liquify
Filter: Distort: Wave
Tool Bar: Blur Tool
Filter: Blur: Gaussian Blur
Image: Adjustments: Selective Color
Tool Bar: Burn Tool: Shadows


-Alysse Fozmark (
-Kate Horn (
-Harmony Sage Lawrence (

-Heather Taylor (

-Harmony Sage Lawrence (

-Sean Parker (

Text, image and video via Temperate Sage

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