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Filming & Making of Kenneth & Berlinda’s conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot

4/09/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

For those who have been asking, here is the Behind The Scenes footage of what happened during the Action-Packed conceptualized pre-wedding of Kenneth & Berlinda.

The Lighting Setup:

Special Thanks and Mention to :

XD Studios - Time and time again they never fail to wow us with their professionalism and creativity. Super fortunate that us bunches of mad bananas manage to spark it off so well at every session!! Love their filming angle, editing, down to the choice of muuuuuuusic. Thank you for sweating it out with us under the hot dusty sun and the dark lonely night. *slow clap and salute*

Students of Kenneth - Thanks for the patience while we set up the lights and thanks for the awesome throwing of water!

Sulin - As with the edit for all conceptualised pre-wedding shoots, for sacrificing her brain cells, eye cells, finger cells, and every strand of hair on her head to work on the images.

Text, images and video via Raymond Phang Photography

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