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Iceland by drone - Behind the epic shot with Philip Bloom

4/03/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is the full montage I made back in August from our filming of the episode the The Wonder List with Bill Weir that recently was broadcast on CNN. My edit was graded with the Inspire 1 profiles of Film Convert (with heavy customisation) and you can get FilmConvert with 10% off at

I shot a lot of stuff with the DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3, 80% was with the Inspire 1. I switched to the P3 for narrower space shots, when batteries were low or on the odd occasion when the Inspire 1 went slightly screwy due to some magnetic interference I was told it might be!

This is of course not everything even though at 8 minutes it is pretty long! The length was dictated by the track from Sigur Rós that I used as a temp base. This edit was originally for New York HQ so they could get a flavour of what we had done, they liked it so much that they actually licensed Sæglópur for the show hence I am able to use it for this edit. If you watched the show and saw lots of other lovely aerials and ask why I have not included them then it is simple, they were shot from a helicopter we hired. Some of them look so low that can't be but they were. Our pilot did some slow low circling up around some amazing landscapes. I shot those with the Sony A7s and the Movi M5.

Audio done as foley in post as no sound is recorded by the drones as it is rather pointless. All sounds from

All of this was single operator mode with my 1st AC Holly Cochrane acting as spotter.

Enjoy! The Wonder List season 2 airs from March 20th only on CNN USA for now. International broadcast to follow, where and on which TV channel I don't know as it is being distributed by a 3rd party distributor. - said Philip Bloom on YouTube-

The Wonder List: Behind The shot - Iceland

Behind the scenes and interview with Philip Bloom about filming in Iceland (specifically with drones) for the CNN Original Series "The Wonder List"

Text, image and videos via Philip Bloom

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