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Nikon D5 vs Sony a7R II: ISO 3 MILLION 4K video quality test!

4/02/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The $6,500 D5 ( is Nikon's first 4K video camera, and it offers up to ISO 3,276,800--which is *7* stops beyond what the Sony a7R II ( offers. It's not the low-light champ you'd hope, though.

Note: We tested the a7R II in full-frame mode, even though it offers 1 stop better quality in Super 35 mode. We wanted to start testing with the worst case scenario for the Sony... but since it won even while handicapped, I don't see the need to continue testing. - said Tony Northrup -

The a7S offers another stop beyond that, so it would be about 2 stops better than the D5. The a7S II offers still another stop improvement, so it whould be about 3 stops cleaner than the D5.

Text, image and video via Tony Northrup

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