Tutorial: Bath shot with one light by Damien Lovegrove

5/24/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

X-Photogarpher and a beauty and portrait photograph specialist Damien Lovegrove from UK gives us a lesson on how to shoot a portrait / beauty shot by bath using FUJIFILM X-Pro2 and XF35mmF1.4 R with the lighting.

For more information visit:

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 special contents: http://fujifilm-x.com/cameras/x-pro2/
FUJINON LENS XF56mmF1.2 R special contents: http://fujifilm-x.com/lenses/xf35mmf14-r
Damien Lovegrove's Gallery: http://fujifilm-x.com/photographers/d...

About Damien Lovegrove:

I am a Fuji X photographer of women & fashion, a presenter, educator, entrepreneur, blogger and writer who likes wine. I'm also bad at being good ;)
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