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12 Composition Secrets with Huntington Witherill

6/02/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In Episode 2 of "Composition Secrets with Huntington Witherill," Huntington reveals over TWICE as many composition tips! Huntington talks even more about his unique approach to composition and framing, plus he tells us why he's not afraid to throw photography rules out the window!

12 composition secrets Huntington Witherill

  1. Be conscious of the edges and corners of the frame
  2. Avoid bright objects in the edges and corners of the frame
  3. Orchestrate how the eye will travel through the photograph
  4. Spacing is important in the frame
  5. “There should be no [photography] rules.”- Huntington Witherill
  6. World is not in 8×10, so don’t feel like you need to use standard crops
  7. Leave room around your subject(s)
  8. Move in to the subject as much as you can
  9. Know what you are trying to say with the photograph
  10. Don’t look at subjects for what they are. Look at subjects for shapes, lines, forms of movement, how shapes relate to each other
  11. Arrange subjects to have visualize balance (not necessarily symmetry)
  12. Experience is key!

Watch the Episode 1 here:

The Power Of Visualization: 5 Composition Secrets with Huntington Witherill 

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